Digital Radio

Instant communication with City Safe and all members via a secure network. Two-way radio and text messaging keeping you informed.

Hire of Radio equipment and airtime are provided by Apex Radio Systems Limited. City Safe Birmingham is operated by Retail Birmingham Limited (Retail BID).

In today’s society, communication and technology sit hand in hand. In creating the City Safe secure digital radio network within the city, Retail Birmingham Bid, reviewed the market and available providers. APEX Radio Systems were the preferred supplier already working with numerous high profile UK businesses and a highly regarded airtime and radio supplier. City Safe is using the latest equipment available  from  APEX  choosing Motorola equipment from this world class leader in radio technology. Our partners have a choice of  two  digital radios:

 Either the  Motorola SL2600 which is similar in size to a mobile phone;


Or the DP2600e, below a full sized radio.



Both digital radios work in exactly the same way, have text receiving capabilities and are able to be used with Bluetooth discreet earpieces.

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