Motorola DP2600e

122mm (h) x 56mm (w) x 36mm (l)

Motorola DP2600e is one of the newest additions to the dynamic evolution of Motorola radios. With this digital radio your workforce can be more efficient, connected and safe.

DP2600e is great for security personnel who need fast and efficient communications.

Comes with a variety of features, including voice critical communications and push-to-talk communications.

Motorola SL2600

125mm (h) x 55mm (w) x 22mm (l)

The Motorola SL2600 is stylish and discreet, giving you the power of instant communication.

With its slim, lightweight design, this portable radio blends seamlessly with professional attire, allowing you to move freely and is ideal for staff at all levels.

The SL2600 contains many features such as including IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Link Capacity Plus.


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